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Rocking Horse Toy Box - # 006
This atractive toybox is smaller than most boxes, but still adequate to hold a wealth of little treasures. Handcrafted from aspen with bright colored finish. Safety hinge. Dimensions are 26" long x 16" wide x 30" high.
Pine Toy Box - # 007
Simple, rustic beauty. Solid pine with oak accents. Lots of room for toys or other items. Includes safety closures to prevent finger pinches. 37" x 19" x 18" high.
Circus Toy Box - # 009
Imagine the Big Top right in your own home. All pieces are hand crafted and painted individually. Room enough for games, trucks, dolls and even the favorite teddy bear. 37" x 20" x 25" high. Includes safety hinge.
Fish Rattle - # 039
This little fish is happy to be in a baby's hand and it's pleasant rattling noise will certainly bring a smile. It is finished in a natural oil which is completely safe. Approximately 7.5 inches in length.
Wacky Wheels® Grader - NEW! - # 031
Pretend to grade the snow or gravel. Whatever your little one's imagination desires, this Wacky Wheel will get the job done. Not recommended for children under 3.
Wacky Wheels® Racers - # 018
Vroom-vroom! Wheel around the house with these comical race cars. They even speed across carpeting with ease. Approx length 8". Not recommended for kids under 3.
Wacky Wheels® Service Vehicles - # 032
These service vehicles are a hit for the little imaginations. Choose from an ambulance or police car. Not recommended for kids under 3.
Wacky Wheels® Bi-Plane - # 034
The Red Baron never had such a couped-up flying machine. A sure winner with your little one or to add to your collection. Can be made in the color of your choice. Not recommended for kids under 3 years.
First Car - # 026
A youngsters first driving experience. Something to grip and push along the floor. Finished with a safe natural oil rub.
Wacky Wheels® Trucks - # 019
This dual-wheeled truck is like what the big boys drive. It is very fuel efficient and even includes cargo in the box and tail lights. Not recommended for kids under 3 yrs. Approx length 9". Priced separately.
Push Turtle - # 020
This happy turtle just fits in a little hand and enjoys being squeezed and pushed around. Great for helping with gripping and coordination skills. 3" ball.
Wacky Wheels® Bug - # 039
Motor around the living room with this cute little bug. It can actually achieve high speeds on carpet or a hard surface. Available in multiple colors. Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
Wacky Wheels® Hybrid - # 023
The hybrid model of the famous Wacky Wheels®. Cruise around the make-believe town in style and save on fuel too. Not recommended for kids under 3 years.
Wacky Wheels ® Flintstone Mobile - # 021
The wheel was barely invented when this model hit the roads around Bedrock City and as with Fred's car, there are no brakes. Not recommended for kids under 3 years of age.
Wacky Wheels® Heavy Hauler - # 029
BIG 18 Wheeler (Actually 14). Measures 22" long. Take off over the road with a load of fuel headed for the big city. Other trailer types available upon request. Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
Mini-Helicopter - # 033
This little chopper has a propeller that spins as if it's ready for lift off. Made of solid wood, just like all the other Wacky Wheels. Not recommended for children under 3.
Wacky Wheels® School Bus - # 024
Bright yellow with a red stop light on top. Oh what fun as your little one pretends to be the driver. Not recommended for kids under 3 yrs.
Wacky Wheels® Low-Slung Racer - # 035
It may look "wacky," but it's fast. A hot-rod in it's own right. Multiple colors available or can be finished in natural oil. Not recommended for children under 3 yrs of age.
Wacky Wheels® School Bus Kit - # 025
This is the easiest kit available and may be assembled by younger kids with the help of an adult. Once the fun of putting it together is finished, let the joy continue while gliding it along the bus route. Not recommended for kids under 3 yrs.
Wacky Wheels® Dairy Truck - # 036
Milk and ice cream treats delivered to your door just like the good ol' days. Approximately 10 in long. Not recommended for kids under 3 years.
Bluebird House Kit - # 22
With just a little help from an adult, a youngster can proudly complete this classic bluebird house. Hang it up and enjoy watching bird families use this house for years to come. Made of solid cedar. All you need is a hammer, a nail set and a wrench for mounting.
Grasshopper Kit - # 017
Need an activity to enjoy with your kids/grandkids or need a cool gift? Complete with instructions and all the things you'll need to make this bug start hopping along. Also sold pre-made (see other item in the online store).
People Puller - # 037
This pull toy has removable people so it is not only fun to tug along, but also to assist with coordination skills. Not recommended for children under 3 yrs of age without close supervision.
Grasshopper Pull Toy - # 014
This bug-eyed bug hops along behind you as you pull him across the floor. All wood and very sturdy. Not recommended for children under 3 years old.
Traffic Helicopter - # 016
Report on the traffic from high above the busy city. Or just take a quick flight to the next room. The pretend flights are enhanced by the easy rotation of the propellers. Made of solid wood and very sturdy.
Medical Helicopter - # 028
Off on another mission of mercy. This Med Flight copter will be a great addition to your fleet of service vehicles. Total length 12".
Luxury Boat - NEW! - # 038
Cruise your boat ashore in luxury. This beauty would make a great display and conversation piece. Not recommended for children under 5 yrs of age.
Tug Boat - # 012
Toot-toot! Let those little mind's imagine this tug boat hard at work. Choice of four colors (blue, brown, orange or red). Not recommended for children under 5 years old.
Giraffe Clothes Rack - # 003
A bit of fantasy with a useful purpose. Geoffrey the giraffe will hold your childs hats and coats. Fun, easy alternative to tossing things on the floor. Solid wood construction. Colorful non-toxic finish. Geoffrey stands 50" high.
Time Out Chair - # 002
Someone need a "time-out"? Or maybe just a good place to sit and contemplate. Built with solid oak and sized for a child from 2-6 years of age. Various stain colors available.
Rocking Chair - # 004
Perfect for a bit of relaxed quiet time. Reading a good book or watching a movie. Solid oak. Available in various color shades or unfinished. Seat is 11"x12" and back is 11" high.
Activity Desk (large) - # 001
Study time or maybe time for the artist to draw a new picture. Whatever the case may be, this desk is perfect for a child 6-8 years old. Made of solid oak and available in various stain colors. Safety hinge on lid. Seat height is 13".
Step Stool - # 010
If that storybook or toothbrush is out of reach, this 2-step stool is the answer. Designed with a broad base for sturdiness. A non-slip texture makes is safe for those little feet. Available painted or stained.
Doll Cradle - # 013
Rock baby doll to sleep in this classic cradle. Crafted of solid pine. Several stain colors available or may be ordered unfinished. Fits dolls up to 16 inches long.
Doll Cradle 2 - # 015
Baby doll will rock to sleep in this cradle perhaps with a lullaby. Made of pine and finished in a walnut shade. Fits dolls up to 16 inches long.
Adirondack Chair - # 005
Let your child enjoy the fresh air on the deck in this kid-size chair. The edges are all rounded for safety. Made of red cedar the wood can age naturally or may be stained. Seat is 11" x 11" and back is 9" high.
Childs Picnic Table - # 011
The "kids" table. A 2/3 size rendition of an adult table. Will seat 4 children. Made of 2x4 red cedar. Will weather naturally to a gray tone or may be sealed with an outdoor finish.